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A proven way to learn your new language without struggling!

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As of january 2019: your language course in Bettembourg!



Learn the luxembourgish language in a fast and sustainable way!


By using the first luxembourgisch language course based upon the guidelines of the European reference frame.


Enjoy learning your new language with lot of interesting exercises.



German language learning accordingly the tips of the European Counsel.


With actual themes from every German speaking country you will progress in a soft and constant way.


A lot of easy to do exercises help you fixing your skills in grammar, diction and interaction assure you sustainable





Themes centered of every day live make it easy and interesting to learn the French language.


Learning, understanding, speaking, this are the steps you will progress in your new language, the way to your success.




  • Easy to use: simplified chapter summaries that gives exactly what you need to master your new language.
    • Exam pass rates: one of the highest exam pass rates.
    • Educational approach that reduces your study time by months.
    • Sustainable learning to reduce your stress.
    • Material (study book) that has the answer to every question you may have. Yours to keep

           (forever) and help you to make the best of your new language.

    • Payment plan: payment plan options are available.
    • Certificate: get your certificate referring to the Common Reference Frame of Languages.