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A proven way to learn your new language without struggling!

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Beginner courses: October 2019



I show private people, companies and entrepreneurs how

to learn a new language best, to have a real advantage in life.

With the new action-oriented learning method, concrete learning objectives show up quickly and learners
will be able to use Luxembourgish, German and French for themselves.

It is a fact that traditional language course, does often not bring satisfactory results.

Do not continue trying to learn the hard way with old and boring methods.

Learn with special learning units designed to train oral comprehension,
reading, writing and spoken interaction.

In addition to learn your new language you will get a complete
learning strategy on how best to reach your goal.

Position yourself quickly as someone who can use his new language with ease and without needing the constant help from your interlocutor.

In many cases (88%) it is even possible to reach the following level more
quickly than with traditional courses.

Even if you think not being a talent when it comes to language learning.

Does the following sound familiar?

You already have attended one or several language courses,

but you just still have the feeling that there you are not progressing?


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In addition, you do not have built up a solid learning strategy that will allow you

to consistently learn Luxembourgish, German and French as your new language.

The teachers in your course are constantly changing, and if, on a rare occasion a really good teacher is showing up in the class room, your biggest hope is thatched / she stays and teaches as long as possible.

You feel lost in the jungle of different methods and providers, wondering what will finally work for you?

What if you can learn Luxembourgish, German and French quickly and in a sustainable way, without struggling and with a lot of fun?
The action-oriented learning method and the new learning strategy make this possible.

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Authorization No 00072878/0